Thursday, 25 March 2010

VAT onslime

The government in their infinite wisdom, want us all to join the online community for all statutory communications. This now includes VAT returns. In future this has to be done online unless you are a business with sales less than £100k pa. The deadline for registering is ………..NOW

Sadly the collateral damage is that the ‘customers’ (taxpayers) have to jump through a million teeedious hoops to register for filing VAT.

We as your loyal/trusty/servile advisors will do all the grunt for you, but we need you to sign here………………../email us your consent to a (modest) fee of £100 for doing the extra work for you. You evade this by doing it yourself - you may suffer from Alopecia before completing this successfully.

We warn you in advance that our usual friendly advice service does not include helping you with this unless you agree the fee first – if you do it, we will only charge £95 for the telephone support – we promise not to laugh at the sound of your screaming at the other end of the phone as you register.

Yours ever obediently

Obadiah Scriggens & Co.

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