Wednesday, 8 January 2014

SA Tax Return filing rush problem solved

Get HMRCy to bring the deadline forward to 30th November. Think it through......

When do clients do anything? Only in Sept-Nov because they are BUSY BUSY people the rest of the year, and we have to FIT IN. Full details of my reasoning are below:-

Jan  getting over Christmas, check over skiing gear

Feb skiing

Mar Spring soon, leaf through some holiday brochures

Apr yo, can walk outside again, see if that Bistro has put some tables back outside

May dig out the barbie

Jun tennis

Jul Ibitha

Aug Zakanthos




Dec yo partytime


As you can see three is a solid three month window where we have their un-divided attention, and indeed ours also.

This simple change would also mean i could enjoy Christmas, and not have to keep rushing in to the office to shuffle papers and cheer the troops on.

What's not to like?