Saturday, 21 March 2015

Office Printer

Xerox have shafted me by withdrawing support for our fantabulous dc332 - it's only 15 years old, why soooo hasty?

so forced out into the scary procurement world.
All fixed with the superb HP Officejet Pro x476dw Multifunction Printer (snappy name to remember)
£275, no toner or drum coblas, and i know a man who can supply ink at half price !

it really is a great machine - super for network scanning, printing etc......
setting up wireless is a nightmare due to HP making it sooooo hard.

PS. HP->, please send the commission cheque to my HSBC account, Geneva.      tnx

Guidance on being a company director in uk

We attach our current notes to give some insight into what is involved.

Any questions email abell AT
directors fascinating briefing !!

Happy Directing !!

Budget 2015 comment

"i'm Abolishing annual tax returns".
Politicians empty waffle-speak. There's no substantive change.
Most punters still lumbered with filing annual stuff with HMRCy.

Most of us do it onslime anyway already, especially eeeeasy when using a fantabulous firm of chartered accountants like abell morliss international !