Thursday, 25 March 2010

VAT onslime regn

Vat onslime regn

This is almost impossible however there is a way……………..
1. you need a copy of the VAT certificate
2. regd. number of the company
3. address that APPEARS on VAT returns
4. a copy of the last VAT return as they want the Box 5 figure

Needless to say u only have to get one of the 5 secrets wrong, and regn fails….grrrr!

and you might need to do all this twaddle as well if not already online with HMRCy……
5. go to government gateway, and register the business as an organization
6. save the screen with the user id
7. annotate on it the password which is always to be ploka3018
8. use the secrets answers on attached sheet
9. wait for the toot from HMRC to arrive
10. then login again on govt portcullis and authorise aml as agent per attached sheet

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